Members of the TRACES team are or have recently been involved in the following projects:

  • ProTiPP (funded by ANR) [2023-27]
    designing proven timing-predictable processors
  • CAOTIC (funded by ANR) [2022-26]
    collaborative action on timing interference
  • COCOON (funded by Labex CIMI) [2022-24]
    investigating various models of the timing behavior of processors
  • MeSCALiNe (funded by ANR) [2022-26]
    working on the timing analysis of neural networks running on parallel architectures with a focus on multi-core CPUs and GPUs.
  • ARCHEOCS (with IRT Saint_exupery)
    working on the reduction of interference in multi-core processors using the Kronosafe Asterios OS.
  • AVATAr  (funded by Labex CIMI)
    modelling, simulation  and analysis of neural network applications accelerated on GPUs.
  • CAPHCA (with IRT Saint-Exupery)
    working on the timing analysis of parallel programs running on the Aurix Tricore multicore architecture, with a focus on the modelling of timing interferences between cores.