Our paper on MINOTAuR presented at RTSS 2021

Our paper “Speculative Execution and Timing Predictability in an Open Source RISC-V Core” has been accepted at RTSS 2021 and is in competition for the best paper award. Alban Gruin (1st year PhD student in TRACES) will be presenting our work at the (virtual) conference on December 7th.

This paper introduces MINOTAuR (Mostly IN-Order Timing predictAble pRocessor), a RISC-V core designed to be formally-proven timing predictable.

See the paper and the systemVerilog open source code, so you can download it and start your own experiments right away! We simulated the core using Questa, and managed to synthesize it on a Xilinx Zynq-7020 FPGA.