8ème  conférence internationale Terminologie et Intelligence Artificielle / 8th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence
Toulouse (France), November 18-20, 2009

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Contact : tia2009 @ irit.fr
Workshop 1: From theme to term (CFP - in French)
Workshop 2: Semantic relations (cfp - in French)

Invited speakers
Diana Maynard
(University of Sheffield, UK)
Keynote abstract

Carlos Subirats
(Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - Spain and Berkeley- USA)
Keynote abstract

Important dates
November 9, 2009

Special rate before October 27, 2009

November 18-19, 2009

November 20, 2009

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Organising committee                

  • Anne Condamines (CLLE-ERSS, Toulouse) anne.condamines@univ-tlse2.fr
  • Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles (IRIT, Toulouse) aussenac@irit.fr
  • Françoise Agar (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Jean-Pierre Baritaud (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Ludovic Chacun (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Jean-Philippe Cornille (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Véronique Debats (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Corinne Doumerc (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Nathalie Duhaut (CLLE-ERSS, Toulouse)
  • Mouna Kamel (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Sabyne Lartigue (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Stéphanie Lopez (CLLE - ERSS, Toulouse)
  • Christine Pernet (CLLE - ERSS, Toulouse)
  • Aurélie Picton (CLLE-ERSS, Toulouse)
  • Sophie Rességuier (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Bernard Rothenburger (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Anis Tissaoui (IRIT, Toulouse)