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Intelligent electronic device for measuring speech comprehension

Main issues and objectives

The main goal of this project is the conception and the creation of an electronic device for measuring speech comprehension, intended for hearing aids specialists in France and abroad. Based on the human perceptive and cognitive functioning, this equipment will enable automatic assessments of hearing aids (HA), and help specialists to adjust HA parameters by taking into account patients’ profiles.In the long term the objective is reduce hearing impaired (HI) people dependency and to extend their autonomy by: 

  • Increasing the chance of HA to be accepted by HI people; 
  • Improving the adaptive ergonomics; 
  • Guiding HA specialists for increasing patients’ comfort, especially during the initial HA adjustment and control stage; 
  • Reducing the influence of current factors restraining the equipment of HI people.


People involved in SAMOVA team



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  • Start time : 1st february 2013
  • End time : 30th june 2015
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