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Le projet VOTONA est un projet de maturation avec Toulouse Tech Transfert et l’entreprise Poétie. Dans ce projet, l’équipe SAMoVA propose ses outils de traitement de l’audio pour développer une solution temps réel embarquée. Cette solution permet la reconnaissance automatique des intentions produites par le lecteur d’une histoire pour enfant. Ces différentes intentions guident alors un environnement musical qui s’adapte

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Main issues and objectives Context The main complaint of adults with hearing loss is difficulty understanding speech in noise. Restoring intelligibility in noise for the elderly is now a public health issue, due to the increase in social isolation, depression and dementia among patients without hearing aids. Hearing aids currently play a beneficial role in preventing cognitive over-decline, but one

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Main issues and objectives Context Cognitive complaints are frequently reported by patients in remission or treated over the long term with targeted anti-cancer therapies, grouped under the term “chemobrain”. They usually appear discreet but are nevertheless disabling in everyday life or during professional recovery, constituting what is called an “invisible handicap” but nevertheless very real for patients. Their identification requires

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Impact of gestures on the pronunciation of foreign language learners Main issues and objectives Context The issue of associating gesture and speech in a second language learning context (L2) emerged from a workshop organized by the project partners involved at different levels in L2 learning. Starting from a first reflection on the technical possibilities of combining gesture production and pronunciation

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Open source smart assistant dedicated to companies and profesional usages  Main issues and objectives Context As part of its strategy to develop innovative open source tools in collaborative context, LINAGORA, leader of the LinTO project, aims at designing a smart conversational assistant dedicated to companies. This assistant, named after the project, provides speech-driven services to company staff members. On one

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Action on Hearing Loss

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Using automatic speech recognition to predict speech-in-noise perception for simulated age-related hearing loss Background The most common treatment for hearing loss is the fitting of hearing aids (HAs), based on the patient’s audiometric pure-tone thresholds, to restore the audibility of those sounds the patient is no longer able to hear. However, patient satisfaction and compliance with HA prescription heavily depend

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Training Network on Automatic Processing of PAthological Speech Main issues and objectives There are an increasing number of people across Europe with debilitating speech pathologies (e.g., due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc). These groups face communication problems that can lead to social exclusion. They are now being further marginalised by a new wave of speech technology that is increasingly woven

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Video analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities Main issues and objectives Video material collected and analyzsed by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) have become a critical component in legal investigations following major criminal acts and terrorist attacks. The recent events in London, Nice, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona and Cambrils again prove the importance of these video recordings. At the same

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Intelligent Electronic Device for Measuring Speech Comprehension Main issues and objectives PHONICS aims to extend the application scope of a tool developed in an AGILE-IT project, which involved the same partners. This first project made it possible to develop an automatic presetting solution for hearing aids in order to optimize and guarantee their use by patients suffering from presbycusis. This system will

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Carcinologic Speech Severity Index Project Main issues and objectives C2SI: Carcinologic Speech Severity Index. A Speech disorders Severity Index to measure the impact of oral and pharyngeal cavity on speech production. Issue The decreasing mortality of Head and Neck cancers (HNC) highlights the importance to reduce the impact on quality of life (QoL). Nevertheless, the usual tools for assessing QoL

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