Iferrane/ juin 30, 2021/ Current

Foreign Language Learning assisted by Artificial Intelligence Apprentissage des Langues Assisté par Intelligence Artificielle NEW in 2022 !!!! We are looking for 2 research engineers to strengthen our team. See offers here ALAIA is a joint laboratory between IRIT and Archean Technologies. Funded by the ANR, the French Research Agency, for 3 years, this LabCom started in March 2019. ALAIA is based on the

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Iferrane/ janvier 8, 2019/ Current

Impact of gestures on the pronunciation of foreign language learners Main issues and objectives Context The issue of associating gesture and speech in a second language learning context (L2) emerged from a workshop organized by the project partners involved at different levels in L2 learning. Starting from a first reflection on the technical possibilities of combining gesture production and pronunciation

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Iferrane/ janvier 8, 2018/ Current

Open source smart assistant dedicated to companies and profesional usages  Main issues and objectives Context As part of its strategy to develop innovative open source tools in collaborative context, LINAGORA, leader of the LinTO project, aims at designing a smart conversational assistant dedicated to companies. This assistant, named after the project, provides speech-driven services to company staff members. On one

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