About me

I am currently a lecturer at University of Toulouse, and member of the TRACES research team at IRIT. My teaching focus is on computer architectures, parallel programming, real-time systems and compilation. My research interests concern the compilation of real-time embedded systems, and in particular the integration of the real-time aspects (WCET analysis, scheduling) to the automatic compilation process for complex parallel architectures (multi/many-core, GPGPUs).


  • IRT SystemX (Kronosafe): formal methods for the verification of critical real-time applications in the ASTERIOS framework
  • Brown University (I. Bahar and M. Herlihy): dynamic memory management for Multiprocessor System-on-Chips with transactional memory
  • INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt (D. Potop): PhD on automatic generation of correct-by-construction multi-processor embedded hard real-time systems

Research topics

  • Real-time systems
  • Compilation, automatic code generation
  • Static analysis and scheduling
  • Parallel hardware and software
  • Transactional memory

Current research

  • Fine-grain static analysis of interference in multicore architectures
  • Automatic assembly-level code synchronization to avoid interference
  • WCET analysis of neural networks


  • Real-time systems implementation (Master 2)
  • Parallel architectures and OpenMP programming (L3-M1)
  • Compilation (M1)
  • Algorithms and C programming (L2)
  • Computer architectures — VHDL and assembly programming (L2)
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