You’ll find below a list of presentations I have given at public events as well as other events (workshops, summer schools…) I have actively participated in. Below is a list of groups that I’m involved in.



  • 4-8 July 22. Assises de la Recherche en Ingénierie : Sciences en conscience, enjeux écologiques et de société. website, program. At this event, I co-organized two workshops:
    • Workshop 2.5 : Three visions for a sustainable ICT (green for IT, IT for green, no IT). Panel discussion with Georges DA COSTA, Jean-Pierre GEORGE and Célia IZOARD.
    • Workshop 4.5 : Towards digital sufficiency: reflection on our “basic digital needs”
  • 21-22 Jun 22. Eighth Workshop on Computing within Limits. Online. website
  • 30 Aug – 3 Sep 21. SICT2021 – A doctoral school on sustainable ICT. Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium). website, program
  • 16-20 Aug 21. International Summer School on ICT for Sustainability 2021. Online. website, program
  • 26&27 May 21. Expert Methodological Workshop on Digitalization, Energy, and Climate Change. Online. Organised by Eric Masanet (UC Santa Barbara), George Kamiya (IEA), Pernilla Bergmark (Ericsson) and Vlad Coroama (ETH Zurich).