You’ll find below a list of presentations I have given at public events as well as other events (workshops, summer schools…) I have actively participated in. Below is a list of groups that I’m involved in.


  • 28 Mar 23. Presentation @GreenDays2023. Title: Vers une utilisation ‘sobre’ des centres de données : les sciences sociales à la rescousse de l’informatique. Lyon (France). website slides recording (incoming)
  • 16 Feb 23. Seminar @Low carbon and sustainable computing seminar series. Title: Towards sufficient use of data centers: simulation work and qualitative research. Online. website slides (coming soon) recording (coming soon)
  • 27 Jan 23. Presentation @Journées non thématiques du GDR RSD. Title: Vers des simulations HPC plus réalistes : rejouer le comportement de soumission utilisateur. Lyon (France). website slides
  • 23 Nov 22. Guest presentation @”Research Cocktail” series at VU Amsterdam. Title: Involving the users to mitigate the environmental impact of data centers. Amsterdam (The Netherlands). slides
  • 8 Apr 22. Seminar @DataMove research team (INRIA, LIG, Grenoble). Title: Characterization of user behaviors for demand response in data centers. Online. website slides
  • 17 Jun 21. Seminar for PhD students in computer science of the Société Informatique de France. Title: From the embodied emissions of radio base stations to involving the user in environmental-aware clouds. Online. website slides video (start 1:15:22)


  • 4-8 July 22. Assises de la Recherche en Ingénierie : Sciences en conscience, enjeux écologiques et de société. website program. At this event, I co-organized two workshops:
    • Workshop 2.5 : Three visions for a sustainable ICT (green for IT, IT for green, no IT). Panel discussion with Georges DA COSTA, Jean-Pierre GEORGE and Célia IZOARD.
    • Workshop 4.5 : Towards digital sufficiency: reflection on our “basic digital needs”
  • 21-22 Jun 22. Eighth Workshop on Computing within Limits. Online. website
  • 30 Aug – 3 Sep 21. SICT2021 – A doctoral school on sustainable ICT. Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium). website program
  • 16-20 Aug 21. International Summer School on ICT for Sustainability 2021. Online. website program
  • 26&27 May 21. Expert Methodological Workshop on Digitalization, Energy, and Climate Change. Online. Organised by Eric Masanet (UC Santa Barbara), George Kamiya (IEA), Pernilla Bergmark (Ericsson) and Vlad Coroama (ETH Zurich).


  • I’m part of the IRIT Ecological Transition Group where we think about the environmental footprint of our research lab and try to find actionable ways to reduce it. IRIT is part of the bigger-scale french initiative Labo1.5 providing resources and studying how we achieve this reduction.