September 2008 Ph.D. Degree, University of Toulouse, with distinction
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science
June 2003 M.Sc. Degree (Maîtrise+DEA), Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, with distinction
Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life
June 2001 B.Sc. Degree (DUT+Licence), Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, with distinction
Business informatics, Computer Science
July 1997 Baccalauréat in Science, Bernard Palissy secondary school, Agen

Ph.D. thesis

title Proposition of the Cortexionist Architecture for the Behavioural Animation of Artificial Creatures
supervisors Pr. Yves Duthen and Dr. Hervé Luga from the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT).
description Cortexionist brings together elements from artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology and neuroscience into a common architecture for the advanced control of artificial agents in computer simulations, virtual reality applications or games.


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2013—present day Assistant Professor, INU Jean-François Champollion, University of Toulouse
Current research focused on interactions in immersive environments, virtual reality and learning games.
  • A general framework for collaborating and communicating in an immersive learning game [VSGAMES'14][VSGAMES'15]
  • Interactions metaphors for interating and communicating in a collaborative virtual environment.
2012—2013 Post-doctoral researcher, CUFR Jean-François Champollion
Post-doctoral position as scientific coordinator in the 3d-VOR project, a collaborative and immersive game for crisis prevention and risk management inside the operating room.
  • Coordination of the research related to the game collaborative AI [CIG'14][GECCO'14];
  • User evaluation of game prototypes, including :
    • Development of several prototypes;
    • Implementation of the experimentation web protocol;
    • Assistance with the extraction and the analysis of collected data;
  • Supervision of the development of the side-project EasyRMM;
2011—2012 Post-doctoral researcher, RTRA Science and Technologies for Aeronautics and Space
Post-doctoral position as scientific coordinator in the Maelia project, a spatialised multiagent simulation for assessing the impacts of normative behaviours in water management.
  • In charge of various aspects of the simulation :
    • Collection and integration of heterogeneous data sources;
    • Modelling of processes related to crop growth and hydrological processes;
  • Communication with partners and project coordination; [MABS'13]
  • Supervision of the development of the Maelia platform/tool;
2010—2011 Post-doctoral researcher, LIFL, University of Lille
Post-doctoral position in the Format-Store project, an immersive Serious Game in 3D teaching customer relationship management to undergraduate students.
  • Design of a multiagent crowd of intelligent customers;
  • Scientific dissemination of the project [edutainment journal, paams'12, jfsma'11, vsgames'11]
  • Public communication (website, posters);
  • Communication with partners and local coordination (deliverables);
  • Unrelated activities:
    • Project management of the Galaxian project, a large-scale multiagent demonstrator for the account of IRCICA Lille ;
    • IODA-Ants, an ant-simylation using IODA methodology;
    • Supervision of studentship projects;
2009—2010 Research Assistant, SGI, Coventry University
Post-doctoral position as local coordinator of the EU-funded mEducator project (eContentPlus).
  • Technical development of interactive learning content;
  • Coordination with industrial partners and game studios;
  • Correspondence to the consortium (reports, deliverables);
  • Scientific dissemination of the project [medicon]
  • Unrelated activities:
    • Project management of the Roma-Nova project, a Serious Game teaching about life in ancient Rome [ICG, vs-games'10, vs-games'10(2)]
    • Participation in the writing of several proposals for European calls for projects [beyond gray droids]
2008—2009 Lecturer, University of Toulouse
Teaching activity including the management of junior lecturers and administrative workload, notably as a continuing education trainer.
2006—2008 Postdoctoral Assistant (ATER), Institute of Politic Studies Toulouse
Teaching activity, administrative workload, writing of teaching content and deployment on a LCMS
2003—2006 Ph.D., University of Toulouse
French government funded Ph.D devoted to the developpement of Cortexionist, an architecture for the advanced control of virtual creatures.
  • Development of the Cortexionist architecture, a Java multi-threaded bio-realistic neural network; development of a Java-based environment simulator and a visualisation engine;
  • Scientific communication through international conferences and workshops [visual computer, cw'09, iicai'09]
  • Cross-disciplinary bibliography study on cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
2003 Master's Internship, IRIT, Toulouse
One year part-time research internship devoted to the genetic evolution of neural networks for the control of artificial creatures in a virtual reality environment.
  • 3d computer simulations in a self-designed VR environment;
  • Development of an original operator for genetically crossing over neural networks utilised as controllers.



Englishfluent Good writing and excellent oral presentation skills

Research Interests

Serious Games (Collaborative) Learning Environ-ments, Virtual Reality, Behavioural Animation, User Evaluation
Agent based technology Computer Simulation, Multiagent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Artificial Life, Genetic Algorithms

Computer Skills

Modelling UML, Design patterns
OOP Java SE/EE, C\#, C++
3d programming Unity3d, Java3d, OpenGL/WebGL
Web programming XHTML/CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js
Other skills LaTeX


music, street photography, road bike