The final Tr@nsnet event was held on 7 March 2023. It brought together the project partners, but also some associated partners (Kawantech, Batconnect,…) and members of the advisory committee.

The event took place on the campus of the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, in the Concorde Amphitheatre. The morning was reserved for three round tables:

  • The first one on the evaluation of the replication of the demonstrators, gathering the actors of the TG1: Polytechnic University of Madrid, Toulouse III University, CISE, La Rochelle University. The guests were able to exchange on the lessons learned from cross-replications of research demonstrators. The activities concerned were around smart lighting, the internet of things in buildings, coupling electrical and thermal energy and the use of digital technology on campus.
  • The second was a review on the development of new demonstrators, bringing together the TG2 actors: Toulouse III University, CISE, Lisbon Faculty of Sciences. The guests were able to exchange on the issues related to the development of new research demonstrators in a context of international cooperation. The activities concerned revolved around the use of batteries for energy storage, the observation of mobility, the interaction of the environment with human activities, the integration of electrical and thermal networks, and social interactions/eco-citizenship.
  • The third and final round table, bringing together the TG3 actors: Funseam, CIRCE and CTA. The guests were able to exchange on the stages of the development of the generic and transferable Living Lab model, the final deliverable of the project. This work involved an analysis of the framework for fostering innovation under Living Lab conditions, studies of complementary approaches to validate Living Labs, an application of the Harmonization Cube (HC-Enoll) and Regulatory Sandbox (RS) methodologies to private Living Labs to arrive at a generic and transferable Living Lab model.

We also had some presentations from UT3 staff:

  • The neOCampus scientific interest grouping
  • The autOCampus platform
  • The MIDOC federation

In the afternoon, the guests were able to visit the different research demonstrators installed on the UT3 campus:

  • 1.1 – Replication of intelligent lighting devices – BatSteetLighting
  • 1.2 – Home automation (IoT) in the Gateway building network – 6lowPAN, Batmeter and Batsense
  • 1.3 – Coupling of electrical and thermal energy production
  • 2.1 – Recycling of batteries for solar energy storage – Microgrid
  • 2.2 – Mobility observation – Setting up a mobility observatory
  • 2.3 – Environmental interactions with human activities – Water filter

The last part of the afternoon was devoted to the advisory committee. Two speakers were able to participate: Estel Guillaumes from BlueRoom and Eduardo Galvan from the University of Seville.

We are very pleased to have been able to close the Tr@nsnet project in good shape, with a majority of our partners being able to be present, despite an intense strike movement in France. The work done in Tr@nsnet has abled to advance academic cooperation in the Sudoe space, but above all to bring more knowledge about the use of Living Labs in administrations and companies. The deliverables produced are available in the “Deliverables” tab on the project website.