Camille Desjonquères

Post-doctoral researcher in Nathan Bailey’s lab at the University of St Andrews where she studies the effect of the social environment on divergence.

Her research focuses on the ecology and evolution of acoustic communication. Her role is to understand how the biotic and abiotic environment affects acoustic signaling in animals. She is particularly interested in the dynamics of acoustic communities and the effect of social interactions on acoustic signals. She is currently conducting two main lines of research : developing methods for passive acoustic monitoring in various environments and in particular in freshwater environments; and understanding the role of socially mediated plasticity in rapid adaptation and reproductive isolation.

Maria Rodrigues

Technical and Financial Director of Lisboa E-Nova, Lisbon’s Energy and Environment Agency, and research fellow and member of the scientific council of IN+, centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research Center of IST.

Maria obtained from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the Technical University of Lisbon, a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, major in Applied Thermodynamics; a Master’s degree in Engineering Policy and Management of Technology; and a PhD degree in Engineering and Industrial Management, partially conducted at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU | PA, USA). She has a diverse career in the field of sustainable energy, having collaborated with several public and private entities. She was a founding partner and manager of wee-solutions and Green Egg. Maria was president of APISOLAR, the Portuguese Solar Industry Association, and in-house consultant of ADENE, the Portuguese energy agency.

Estel Guillaumes Vilarrasa

Project Manager (2017), Master in International Cooperation (2012) and graduated in Business and Management (2011) by the University of Girona, she is the financial project manager of Blue Room and the person in charge of general project management, analysis of European program calls and support to project proposals.

She has extensive experience in evaluating projects from public and private funding sources since 2014, supporting the management of the non-profit organization WUSMED. Through her experiences at Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Blue Room, she has demonstrated a commitment to blending her passion for development cooperation and private investment, which is a perfect fit with Blue Room’s core values of sustainability and social inclusion through innovation.

Carlos Sentís Meijide

A social entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer on impact innovation, Carlos Sentís is the founder and CEO of the World Innovation Alliance (WIA).

He is also a Board Member of International Development and Global Innovation Fund at the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF), Presidential Adviser in the Organization of Young Entrepreneurs of the European Union (JEUNE), Vice-president of Impact Innovation at the Ariel Foundation, advisor at the CKGSB Business School China Start program, board member of the European North Africa Research Center (EUNACR), Honorary Advisor of Lakshyam NGO (India), judge, mentor and speaker at the Hult Prize Foundation among other organizations.