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Since its creation in 1969, the University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (UT3) has expanded its multidisciplinary teaching offer in the fields of science, health, engineering, technology and sport. The UT3 laboratories participating in the project are the IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse), the Functional Ecology Laboratory and the Laplace Laboratory. The University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier is the leader of the Tr@nsnet project.

The Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) is the largest Spanish technological university. It brings together more than 2400 researchers in 204 research groups, 19 research centers or institutes and 55 laboratories. 
The UPM concentrates education programs and research & innovation activities in the fields of architecture, aerospace, agroforestry, computer science, mining, naval and telecommunications engineering.

The Lisbon Faculty of Science (FCUL) is an autonomous unit of the largest Portuguese university, the University of Lisbon. It has a long tradition of training and research in basic sciences, and also an important activity in applied science. The Faculty is organized into departments, among them the Department of Geophysical Geography and Energy Engineering (DEGGE), which is responsible for Energy and the Course on Environmental Engineering which devotes special attention to the energy transition topics.

The Research Center of Electromechanical Systems (CISE), established at the University of Beira Interior (UBI), focuses on the study of electromechanical systems, integrating in a single field the following three fields: Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. CISE has four research centers, the Electromechanical Systems Laboratory (LSE) at the University of Beira Interior (UBI), the Electrical Energy Systems Laboratory (LSEE) at the University of Algarve, the Electromechanical Systems Modeling Laboratory (LESM) and the Guarda International Renewable Energy Research Station (GIRS-RES), at the Guarda Polytechnic Institute.

La Rochelle University (ULR) develops a research of excellence known and recognized at the highest national and international level, following disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. This Research aims to be mobilized around a signature responding to the challenges of society that are the environmental transition, the energy transition, and the digital transformation. According to this signature, La Rochelle University promotes complementarity and interdisciplinarity around major societal challenges, while strengthening its scientific excellence in disciplinary fields for which it is recognized through its laboratories.

The Foundation for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (Funseam) is a private non-profit foundation, a forum for discussion and debate, analysis, scientific research and advice in the field of energy and the environment. The Foundation is committed to defining a new model of sustainable energy, in response to its founding goal of becoming a leading reference center in the promotion of dissemination and research in the field of energy economics and in opinion generation in society.

The CIRCE Foundation (Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption) was created in 1993 in Zaragoza to help public bodies and companies solve societal and industrial challenges through open innovation, R&D, technology transfer and white label solutions to become greener, more sustainable and competitive by reducing energy waste and optimizing demand. It is a non-profit association committed to finding the right business case to bring cutting-edge technologies to TRL 8 (Technology Readiness Level) with a cost-effective business model to maximize the positive impact of the solution.

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is a strategic partner for innovation. It helps companies, universities, public authorities and other bodies to successfully achieve their R&D objectives and to exploit the results.

Founded in 2005, with the help of the Andalusian regional government, it is a private foundation that works to promote innovation and includes more than 165 members/companies.