ADAPT – Assistance to the Analysis and DiAgnosis of PaThological speech

Mbalaguer/ janvier 18, 2023/ Current, Projects

1        Context and objectives The ADAPT project (« Aide à l’Analyse et au DiAgnostic de la Parole pathologique pour les Thérapeutes ») is based on the PATY platform (Plateforme de traitement de Parole ATYpique, site:, developed in 2021 by the SAMoVA Team (Figure 1). Figure 1- PATY platform PATY is an online audio processing platform whose objective is to provide automatic

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Thomas Pellegrini/ janvier 4, 2023/ Current

Lightly-supervised and Unsupervised Discovery of Audio Units using Deep Learning (ANR-18-CE23-0005-01) Main issues and objectives      These last years, deep learning (DL) has become the state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) paradigm when applied in supervised settings to data with a latent structure, in image, video, audio and speech processing. In order to deploy deep learning solutions in problems for which

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Jfarinas/ novembre 16, 2022/ Current, Projects

Pharyngo-Laryngeal Effectiveness – Non Invasive Device Context and objectives Oropharyngeal dysphagia (OD) is a major public health problem. This swallowing disorder affects the elderly (50%) and patients with neurological disorders and head and neck cancer (80%), with the main complications being respiratory infections and undernutrition. These complications lead to long hospitalizations, the use of antibiotics and industrial modified food, and increased mortality rates in these

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Romain Contrain/ juin 30, 2021/ Current

Foreign Language Learning assisted by Artificial Intelligence Apprentissage des Langues Assisté par Intelligence Artificielle ALAIA is a joint laboratory between IRIT and Archean Technologies. Funded by the ANR, the French Research Agency, for 3 years, this LabCom started in March 2019. ALAIA is based on the synergy between the SAMoVA team and Archean Labs, R&D department of Archean Technologies. Main issues and objectives The core of

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Mbalaguer/ décembre 18, 2020/ Current, Projects

Validity of a task of acoustic-phonetic decoding on anatomic deficits in paramedical assessment of speech disorders for patients treated for oral or oropharyngeal cancer Context and objectives Cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract is the fifth most common cancer in terms of incidence in France (HAS 2009). Due to their location, they impact the patients’ speech abilities (Mlynarek, 2008). In

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Jpetiot/ janvier 8, 2019/ Current

Looking for Relevant linguistic Units to improve the intelliGiBIlity measurement of speech production disorders Main issues and objectives In the context of the speech production disorders observed in ENT cancers, neurological, sensory or structural pathologies, the objective of the RUGBI project is to make improvements to the measurement of the intelligibility deficit. Indeed, speech production disorders can lead to a serious loss

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Jmauclair/ janvier 8, 2016/ Current

Differential diagnosis between Parkinson’s disease and Multiple System Atrophy using digital speech analysis  Main issues and objectives Parkinson’s disease (PD) and multiple system atrophy (MSA) are neurodegenerative disorders. The latter belongs to the group of atypical parkinsonian disorders and has a poor prognosis. In early stages of the disease, PD and MSA symptoms are very similar, particularly in MSA-P patients

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