ADAPT – Assistance to the Analysis and DiAgnosis of PaThological speech

Mbalaguer/ janvier 18, 2023/ Current, Projects

1        Context and objectives The ADAPT project (« Aide à l’Analyse et au DiAgnostic de la Parole pathologique pour les Thérapeutes ») is based on the PATY platform (Plateforme de traitement de Parole ATYpique, site:, developed in 2021 by the SAMoVA Team (Figure 1). Figure 1- PATY platform PATY is an online audio processing platform whose objective is to provide automatic

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Mbalaguer/ décembre 18, 2020/ Current, Projects

Validity of a task of acoustic-phonetic decoding on anatomic deficits in paramedical assessment of speech disorders for patients treated for oral or oropharyngeal cancer Context and objectives Cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract is the fifth most common cancer in terms of incidence in France (HAS 2009). Due to their location, they impact the patients’ speech abilities (Mlynarek, 2008). In

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Functional impact of speech disorders

Mbalaguer/ septembre 21, 2020/ Applications

1.    Context The reduction of mortality and the extension of life expectancy following cancer make it a priority to manage the after-effects of the pathology and its treatments. Oral or oropharyngeal cancer affect the structures involved in speech production. Thus, the quality of life of these patients may be affected by changes in their communication skills. In clinical practice, the

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