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User guide

Currently, two games are compatible with Prog&Play library: Kernel Panic Campaign and Byte Battle. To download these games, follow the installation guide.

 Start a game

Whatsoever the game (Kernel Panic Campaign or Byte Battle), you have to run "Spring".

 Start "Spring" software

Linux users
Windows users
Use command: /usr/local/bin/springChange your working directory to the directory where you have unpacked the game and run "spring.exe".

 Select a mod

On the "Spring" window, select a mod, a map and a script. In opposite example, the mod Byte Battle, the map ByteBattleMap and the script Commanders have been selected (1). Then click on "Test the game" (2).

Remark 1: with Kernel Panic Campaign and Byte Battle, the map and script choice makes no differences. Nevertheless, this fields must be specified.

Remark 2: if you never used Prog&Play before, start with Kernel Panic Campaign tutorial.

 Select a game

Depending on selected mod, displayed games are different:

Kernel Panic Campaign
Byte Battle

With Kernel Panic Campaign, begin by select a language.

The campaign is divided into 8 missions. If you haven't play Prog&Play, begin by launch the tutorial. Else start the mission of your choice.

With Byte Battle, five difficulty levels are accessible. Start by the first difficulty level ("Level1") ...

You can play against an other player on LAN (Local Area Network). The first player has to give his/her IP address to the second player and select the game "1vs1". The second player has to click on "Direct connect" button on Spring menu (1), enter IP address of the first player (2), the port 8451 (3) and the id Player2 (4). Then s/he clicks on "Connect" button (5) as indicated on opposite picture.

 Further informations