I teach mainly at INSA in different departments:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mathematical Engineering
  • Science and Technology Engineering.

I am the co-creator and manager of:

I teach on various subjects in my classes:

  • Hackathons on IoT (https://youtu.be/i28qrjVxadQ)
  • Architecture of M2M system
  • Internet of things
  • OM2M software
  • autonomic computing
  • Concept of operating systems
  • Use of operating systems
  • system Programming
  • Virtualisation and cloud 
  • Multi-threading
  • C language
  • C + +
  • real time
  • software Engineering
  • JAVA
  • Parallel programming and use of distributed resources platforms.
  • Project : stereoscopic visualization, interaction with wiimotes, iphone programming, android application, etc..

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