About me

I am a Full Professor in Computer Science at the University of Toulouse (France) since 2006. I received my PhD from the ENS-Lyon, France in 1996. I was an Associate Professor at the University Littoral Cote-d’Opale (1997-2001) in Calais, then at INSA-Lyon (2001-2006). 

I am a member of the IRIT Laboratory and member of the SEPIA Team on distributed systems.

From 2021 onward, I am the Director of the IRIT Laboratory.

My research interests in short

My main interests are related to large-scale distributed systems, Cloud, HPC, IoT. I serve on several PCs and editorial boards in the Cloud and Energy-aware computing area. 

Recently, my researches focus on energy aware distributed systems, in particular monitoring, job placement and scheduling, virtualization, networking,  autonomic computing, mathematical modeling, renewable energies in datacenters, and the usage of machine learning in these environments. 

I was chairing the EU funded COST IC804 Action on “Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Distributed Systems” and participates in several national and european projects on energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems. I am currently chairing the French National ANR DATAZERO 2 Project

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