Everyone knew it was impossible. Then came a fool that did not know and who did it. Tout le monde savait que c'était impossible, puis vint un imbécile qui ne le savait pas, et qui l'a fait. M. Pagnol.
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Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Java, C++ Distributed Systems, Grid Computing, Security, GreenIT
* Chair of the SEPIA Team at IRIT. * Helping the EfficIT startup* Press Article: "Does BigData cause pollution?", (VF) in CNRS and Liberation newspapers
* Leading the DATAZERO Project * Keynote @ PPAM2017 conference: "HPC and Energy Efficiency: an oxymoron?", September 2017* Keynote @ GDR SOC2: "Envronmental impact of semiconductors industry", November 2017
Distributed Systems and High Performance ComputingDistributed Data management, SecurityGrid, Cloud Computing, Pervasive ComputingPervasive Grids, Health Grids, Energy Aware Distributed Computing
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Selected last publication:Hongyang Sun, Patricia Stolf, Jean-Marc Pierson. Spatio-temporal thermal-aware scheduling for homogeneous high-performance computing datacenters. Elsevier FGCS Journal. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.future.2017.02.005
I am Professor of Computer Science, researching at the IRIT Laboratory, SEPIA team, and teaching in the Computer Science Department, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse. Long version is available here.A shorter version is here.
(c) Jean-Marc Pierson 2015

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