I leaded 13 projects among which 3 are international, 7 national and 3 industrial contracts.

Ongoing projects

Past academic projects

Past industrial projects

  • CRE project (Contrat Recherche Entreprise) with -Orange Labs (Juin 2018-Dec 2019). “Frame-based relation extraction from text”. Project leader
  • 2 Industrial projects with Geotrends (2018-2019) and Atos (2017)
  • EADS project (2005-2006) on question answering. Project leader.

Other projects I was involved in

  • Carnot Projet DeMeSexTo (2018-2019) on sexism detection with IRIT and ENS-Institut Jean Nicod (IJN) (Alda Mari)
  • MSH-T Projet AMeSexto (2018) on analysis of sexist messages with IRIT and LERASS
  • DATCHA. ANR project (2015-2018). “Extraction de connaissances à partir de vastes corpus de conversations chat client-opérateur”, with IRIT, Université Aix Marseille, Orange Labs
  • TextLink: Structuring Discourse in Multilingual Europe. Textlink is a COST action (IS1312).
  • STAC (Strategic Conversation): Nicholas Asher’s ERC-STAC project (2011-2015) with Edinburgh University.
  • The ASFALDA project: a French FrameNet. ANR project (2012-2015) with LLF-Université Paris Diderot, Alpage INRIA Paris Diderot, LIF, Université de la Méditerranée, CEA-List Paris, Ant’inno.
  • ANNODIS: Annotation discursive, corpus de référence pour le français et outils d’aide à l’annotation et à l’exploitation. ANR project (2008-2010) with CLLE-ERSS Université Toulouse3 and GREYC Université de Caen.
  • DYNAR: The Dynamics of Argumentation. CNRS-PICS project (2007-2010) with CRIL-Lens and Luxembourg University.
  • A Multilingual Processing of Language in a Lexico-Semantic Perspective: Application to Question- Answering. STIC-Asia project (2006-2008) involving research institutions from France, India,Malaysia, Thailand and Japan).

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