About me

I am Full Professor in Computer Science at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse (France). I am member of the Artificial Intelligence Department of the IRIT laboratory. I’m co-head of MELODI (MEthodes et ingénierie des Langues, des Ontologies et du DIscours), a research group experts in NLP, Ontologies and Semantic Web technologies composed of 13 permanent and about 30 non permanent members.

Since September 2023, I joined CNRS@CREATE in Singapore (délégation CNRS). I’m also member of the CNRS International (French-Singaporean) Research Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence (IPAL) where I’m co-responsible of the NLP group.


Research interests

My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Processing and Artificial Intelligence. I am particularly interested in the inteaction between semantics and pragmatics in the following contexts:

  • Information extraction with a focus on relation extraction from texts and knowledge graphs validation
  • Discourse processing: rhetorical relations identification, semantics of rhetorical relations
  • Evaluative language processing:
    • Opinion and sentiment analysis: lexical semantics and subjectivity lexicons, negation and hedging, discourse-based sentiment analysis, opinion and judgment aggregation
    • Figurative language processing: irony and sarcasm
    • Hate speech and stereotypes detection
    • Intention detection : NLP approaches to crisis management, preference extraction from dialogues
  • Arabic natural language processing (including dialects)

Teaching activities

My teaching mainly focuses on Artificial intelligence and Algorithmic and programming languages. Other themes include: Databases, Introduction to networks, computer architectures, and computer systems.

Thème : Overlay par Kaira. Texte supplémentaire
Le Cap, Afrique du sud