About me

I am associate professor at Paul Sabatier University since Septembre 2005. I am working at the Artificial Intelligence Department of the IRIT laboratory. I’m member of the MELODI (MEthodes et ingénierie des Langues, des Ontologies et du DIscours), a research group experts in NLP, Ontologies and Semantic Web technologies.

In December 2016, I got my Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (HDR) on the role of context in computer understanding.

Since 2020, I’m co-head of the MELODI group (14 permanent and about 25 non permanent members).

I'm hiring. Many positions (PhDs, Research Engineers) are open. Check out the News page!

Research interests

My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Processing and Artificial Intelligence. I am particularly interested in the inteaction between semantics and pragmatics in the following contexts:

  • Information extraction with a focus on relation extraction from texts and knowledge graphs validation
  • Discourse processing: rhetorical relations identification, semantics of rhetorical relations
  • Evaluative language processing:
    • Opinion and sentiment analysis: lexical semantics and subjectivity lexicons, negation and hedging, discourse-based sentiment analysis, opinion and judgment aggregation
    • Figurative language processing: irony and sarcasm
    • Hate speech and stereotypes detection
    • Intention detection : NLP approaches to crisis management, preference extraction from dialogues
  • Arabic natural language processing (including dialects)
  • Question answering: cooperative question answering, reasoning mechanisms for answer retrieval

Teaching activities

My teaching mainly focuses on Artificial intelligence and Algorithmic and programming languages. Other themes include: Databases, Introduction to networks, computer architectures, and computer systems.

Thème : Overlay par Kaira. Texte supplémentaire
Le Cap, Afrique du sud