Welcome to my homepage!

I'm a professor at the University of Toulouse where I teach computer science and particularly computer architecture.

I'm a member of the TRACES research group within the IRIT research lab. My current research focuses on the estimation of worst-case execution times (WCET) of hard real-time programs and on the design of time predictable hardware.


  • We are organizing this year's WCET Tool Challenge: wiki
  • Recently accepted papers:
    • Ralf Jahr, Mike Gerdes, Theo Ungerer, Haluk Ozaktas, Christine Rochange, Pavel Zaykov. Effects of Structured Parallelism by Parallel Design Patterns on Embedded Hard Real-time Systems. Int'l Conf. on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA), Aug. 2014
    • Angeliki Kritikakou, Olivier Baldellon, Claire Pagetti, Christine Rochange, Matthieu Roy. Run-time Control to Increase Task Parallelism in Mixed-Critical Systems. Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS), July 2014
    • Gabriel Fernandez, Jaume Abella, Eduardo QuiƱones, Christine Rochange, Tullio Vardanega and Francisco Cazorla. Contention in multicore hardware shared resources: Understanding of the state of the art. Int'l Workshop on WCET Analysis, July 2014.
    • Haluk Ozaktas, Christine Rochange, Pascal Sainrat. Minimizing the Cost of Synchronisations in the WCET of Real-Time Parallel Programs. Int'l Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems (SCOPES), June 2014
    • Philip Axer, Rolf Ernst, Heiko Falk, Alain Girault, Daniel Grund, Nan Guan, Bengt Jonsson, Peter Marwedel, Jan Reineke, Christine Rochange, Maurice Sebastian, Reinhard Von Hanxleden, Reinhard Wilhelm, Wang Yi. Building Timing Predictable Embedded Systems. ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems, 13(4), Feb. 2014
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