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WCET Tool Challenge 2014 (WTC'14)

This work is partly funded by the TACLe COST Action.


For a general introduction to the WCET Tool Challenge, please visit the public web page. This Wiki site contains the current status, advice for the participants, background information, benchmark programs with definitions of the analysis problems, and analysis results.

In WTC'14, we would like to foster cooperation between tools. We envision two kinds of cooperation:

  • each tool solves a different part of a problem (e.g., one tool computes flow facts which it provides to a second tool that performs low-level analysis and WCET computation)
  • tools solve the same problem (e.g., they both compute a loop bound) and merge their results (e.g., they keep the tightest loop bound)

Participants can then register as individual tools and/or as teams (including several tools). A tool can compete both individually and as a member of one (or even several) teams.


  • May 16, 2015: a new campaign of experiments starts! – new results can be submitted until July 1st, 2015
  • July 8: preliminary results presented at WCET2014 (slides)
  • March 11: binary codes are available.
  • March 5: problems are ready.
  • Feb. 25-28: new pages for benchmarks and problems definition

Benchmarks, Target processors and Problems


Mailing list

To facilitate communication, a mailing list has been set up for WCT'14. If you wish to be in the list, please send a email to Christine Rochange.


Steering committee

  • Heiko Falk, Univ. Ulm
  • Reinhard von Hanxleden, Univ. Kiel
  • Niklas Holsti, Tidorum Ltd
  • Björn Lisper, Univ. Mälardalen
  • Martin Schoeberl, Technical University of Denmark
  • Christine Rochange, Univ. Toulouse
  • Reinhard Wilhelm, Univ. Saarbrücken

WTC'14 organisers

In 2014, the event is organised by the TRACES group of the IRIT lab, University of Toulouse, France.
The following people participate in the organisation: Armelle Bonenfant, Hugues Cassé, Marianne de Michiel, Vincent Mussot, Haluk Ozaktas, Christine Rochange, Pascal Sotin, Jakob Zwirchmayr.


WTC'14 is expected to follow this rough schedule:

  • end of February: problems (and benchmarks, and target processors) are specified and documented on this wiki
  • March - April: participants register to the Challenge and perform the analyses
  • 8 July: presentation of preliminary results at the WCET 2014 Workshop
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