I'm a member of the TRACES research group in the IRIT research lab. My current interests focus on hard-real time systems and more particularly on worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis:
  -  design of predictable hardware (processor, interconnection)
  -  WCET analysis of parallel programs
I am involved in two projects: parMERASA (EU-FP7) and TOAST (French STAE Foundation). I'm one of the developpers of OTAWA, a toolset dedicated to static WCET analysis.

Recent and on-going work

Timing analysis of parallel applications running on multicores

This work is carried out as part of the parMERASA European project. We focus on the analysis of stall times at synchronisations and on their integration in WCET computation.

Monitoring-based approach for mixed-critical workloads running on multicores

This work is done as part of the Torrents cluster. The idea is to consider realistic but unsafe WCET estimations and to deploy a recovery scheme when needed to guarantee that critical tasks will meet their deadlines.


TACLe (Timing Analysis at Code Level) is a COST Action of the European Union. It aims at fostering cooperation among researchers in the field of timing analysis for real-time systems. It started in Nov. 2011, for four years.
I am the leader of Working Group 1 on Timing Models For Multi-Cores And Timing Composability.
TACLe web site
parMERASA (Multi-Core Execution of Parallelised Hard Real-Time Applications Supporting Analysability) is a STREP project within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. The project started on Oct. 1, 2011, for three years.
parMERASA web site
W-SEPT (WCET: SEmantics, Precision, Traceability) is French project funded by ANR (French Research Agency). The project started on Oct. 1, 2012, for 42 months.
W-SEPT web site
TOAST (Time-Oriented criticAl SysTems) is funded by the STAE Foundation for researches on space and aeronautics applications. It started in May, 2011 for 4 years. I am the coordinator for this project.
TOAST webpage


OTAWA is an open-source C++ library dedicated to static WCET analysis. The development leader is my colleague Hugues Cassé. You may be intested by our paper at SEUS'2010.
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