PhD students

  • 2020-2023: Nicolas Devatine, Analysing textual bias with explainable methods, co-supervised with Philippe Muller (IRIT, MELODI team) – Project SLANT
  • 2019-2023: Chuyuan Li, Formal and statistics modelisation of dialogue, co-supervised with Maxime Amblard (LORIA, Semagramme team) – PostDoc with G. Carenini, University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • 2018-2021: Angela FanQuestion-Answering with question generation co-supervised with Antoine Bordes (FAIR) and Claire Gardent (LORIA, SyNaLP team)

Licence and Master students

  • 2023: Marita Hernandez, Multilingual Discourse Relation Identification, Master 2 – Central Supelec internship, IRIT, University Toulouse 3 (France)
  • 2023: Khushnur Binte Jahangir, Generating why-questions from discourse relations, Master 2 – Central Supelec internship, IRIT, University Toulouse 3 (France)
  • 2019: Kelvin Han, Comparing PTB and UD information for discourse connective identification, Master 1 internship, NLP, Lorraine University (France)
  • 2019: Adrien Claudel, Complex words identification, Licence project, MIASH, Lorraine University (France), co-supervised with Charlotte Roze
  • 2018-2019: Phyllicia Lavitt and Srilakshmi Balard, Using syntactic information to identify discourse connectives, Licence project, NLP, Lorraine University (France)
  • 2017: Martin Philip Poulsen, Multitask Learning for Question Answering using Neural Networks, Master thesis, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), co-supervised with Anders Sogaard
  • 2017: Troels Anker Jørgensen and Simon van Beest, Neural Network and Question Answering – Using End-to-End Memory Network on bAbI Tasks, Licence Project, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
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