I’m a researcher at CNRS, affiliated to IRIT (Toulouse, France) within the MELODI team. I received a PhD in Computational linguistics in 2015 from the University Paris 7, then did a post-doc in Copenhagen within the CoAStaL team.

Research interest

My work focuses on discourse parsing, with a specific interest on weakly supervised settings, and cross-lingual and cross-domain learning. I’d like to understand the links between the different theoretical frameworks, and annotation schemes. I’m also interested in applications of discourse information to other NLP tasks (such as stylistics or question-aswering). I also try to explore other type of document organization, such as argumentation structure.


To contact me, please send an email to: chloe.braud@irit.fr

Thème : Overlay par Kaira. Texte supplémentaire
Le Cap, Afrique du sud