2010-12-01 to 2012-12-01

The project Ubiloop is focused on the development of innovative methods for reporting critical incidents found by citizens in urban context to local administrations. In our working scenario, citizens should be able to use diverse kind of devices (mainly mobile phones) to inform to local administrations the occurrence of incidents that need immediate care such as a hydrant leaking. The goals associated to this project imply activities of research and development covering in the following areas: engineering of interactive systems, human-interaction in mobile contexts, social aspects related to incident reporting and risk management. The neighborhood association ?Croix de Pierre? of Toulouse will contribute to this project consortium acting as end users for the scenarios proposed.

Application domains: Education & Training

Scientific areas: HCI


They work on this project

  • Marco Winckler

    Associated Professor

  • Regina Bernhaupt

    Associated Professor