Service to the community is one of the keystones of the working philosophy at the ICS team. In additional to the more usual duties as reviewers and members of program committees, ICS members are fully engaged in the organization of scientific conferences and they also contribute as executive and/or working group leaders of scientific associations such as ACM, IFIP, AFIHM, SBC and SEE.

Involvement in scientific societies

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member of the following committees: executive committee, public policy, and specialized conferences

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French representative of Tecnical Commitee on Human-Computer Interaction (TC13), Vice-chair of TC13, Secretary of TC13, Vice-chair of the Working Group 13.5 on Human Error, Safety, and System Development, Chair of the Working Group 13.2 on Methodologies for User-Centred Systems Design, Member of the Working Group 2.7/13.2 on User Interface Engineering.

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member of the administration committee

Organization of scientific conferences

ICS members have been playing major roles (such as general conference chair, technical program chair, and or track chair) in the organization of conferences in the field. Hereafter we show the conferences from 2009 to 2015 for which ICS members have played a major role in their organizaiton:


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Bamberg, Germany. September 14-18, 2015.

full paper co-chair, publication chair


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Toronto, Canada. April 26th - May 1st, 2014.

general co-chair/publication chair/mobile apps chair

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Toulouse, France, July 1-4, 2014.

general chair

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Paderborn, Germany, September 16th-18th, 2014.


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Rome, Italy, June 17-20, 2014.

tutorial chair

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Hamilton, New Zealand meeting, February 18th, 2014.



chi2013 logo

Paris, France, April 27 - May 2, 2013.

Engineering Community co-chair

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Cape Town, South Africa, September 2-6, 2013.

doctoral Consortium, publication chair

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Aalborg, Denmark, July 8-12, 2013.

PhD symposium chair

eics2013 logo

London, United Kingdom, June 24-27, 2013.

workshop chair, tutorial chair

ecce2013 logo

Toulouse, France, August 26-28, 2013.

conference general co-chairs


chi2012 logo

Austin, Texas, United States, May 5-10, 2012.

games and entertainment community chair, associate chair for long papers, student game competition chair

ihc2012 logo

Cuibá, Brazil, July 5-12, 2012.

industrial papers co-chair

hcse2012 logo

Toulouse, France, October 29-31,2012.

general chairs

eics2012 logo

Copenhagen, Denmark, June 25-28, 2012.

long papers co-chairs

ergo ihm 2012 logo

Biarritz, France, October 17-19, 2012.

doctoral consortium co-chair

fng2012 logo

Toulouse, France, September 4-6, 2012.

general chairs, publication chair

ataccs2012 logo

London, United Kingdom, May 29-31, 2012.

research papers chair, publication chair


interact2011 logo

Lisbon, Portugal, September 9-12, 2011.

general co-chair, publication co-chair, panel co-chair

eics2011 logo

Pisa, Italy, June 13-16, 2011.

tutorial co-chair

chi2011 logo

Vancouver, Canada, May 7-12, 2011.

chair for games and entertainment community, co-chair for courses

ataccs2011 logo

Barcelona, Spain, May 26-27, 2011.

research papers chair, publication chair


hciaero2010 logo

Cape Canaveral, United States, November 3-5, 2010.

general co-chair

hcse2010 logo

Reykjavik, Iceland, October 14-15, 2010.

general co-chair

weihc2010 logo

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, October 5, 2010.


swib2010 logo

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, October 5-8, 2010.

tutorial co-chair

ihm2010 logo

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, September 20-23, 2010.

publication chair

eics2010 logo

Berlin, Germany, June 19-23, 2010.

publication chair and publicity chair

chi2010 logo

Atlanta, United States, April 10-15, 2010.

co-chair for courses


chi2009 logo

Boston, United States, April 4-9, 2009.

co-chair for courses

ihm2009 logo

Grenoble, France, October 13-16, 2009.

general co-chair

interact2009 logo

Uppsala, Sweden, August 24-28, 2009.

short-paper co-chair, publication chair

eics2009 logo

Pittsburgh, United States, July 14-17, 2009.

publicity co-chairs

tamodia2009 logo

Brussels, Belgium, September 23-25, 2009.

advisory committee

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San Sebastian, Spain, June 23, 2009.