Multimodality Activities To Rise Helicopter Interface Efficiency in Cockpit System)

2015-07-01 2018-12-31

Study and prototyping of multimodality in the context of helicopter flight

Application domains: Avionics

Scientific areas: HCI, Software engineering

Tools: Circus, PetShop, HAMSTERS

They work on this project

They work with us on this project

  • Martin Cronel

  • Jean-Pierre Baudry

  • Anne-Claire Large

  • Guillaume Calvet


  • Airbus

  • Bertin Technologies

  • Airbus Helicopters


  • International conferences articlesMartin Cronel, Bruno Dumas, Philippe Palanque, Alexandre Canny. MIODMIT: A Generic Architecture for Dynamic Multimodal Interactive Systems. Human-Centered Software Engineering 2018 (HCSE). Lecture Notes in Computer Sciencevol:11262. p:109-129. Springer.