Dr. David Navarre is lecturer in Computer Science at the University Toulouse 1. He has been working since 1998 on notations and tools for the specification, prototyping, validation and implementation of Safety Critical Interactive Systems. He has contributed to the improvement of the formal description technique called Interactive Cooperative Objects (ICO) by making it able to address the modeling of post-WIMP safety critical interactive systems.

By working on several large projects (industrial or not) he applied the approach to several application domains including Air Traffic Control, Military and Civil aircraft Cockpits as well as several real-time command and control systems (such as multimodal interfaces for satellite control rooms). Since 2000, he is involved in the development of tool support for interactive systems modeling using the formal description technique ICO, based on the Petri net tool called PetShop, developed and used in the team since 1995. He is now responsible in the development of a framework that aims at providing a multi-view modeling of safety critical interactive system by allowing the synergy of notations involved in HCI and the supporting tools.

Other activities

Expert for: CIR, Oseo, Digiteo, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, University of Macau (China)

Member of the ACM SIGCHI Local Chapter IHM-Toulouse since September 1998.

Member of the french speaking association HCI, AFIHM since September 1999.

Member recruitment board at UT1 (2004-2006)

Member of the scientific council of the Faculty computer science of UT1 (since 2008)

Member of the computer science faculty council, scientific bord, educational board at UT1 (since 2010)

Member of the IRIT committee for office attribution

Member of the IRIT committee for Researchers and Lecturers