Several frameworks have been proposed to help the designers of software system applications.  However we currently lack methodological tool support to take into account the interplay between security and safety and the other architecture properties. Just consider CPS and the added complexity and connectivity they offer. For example, the security of cars has been already compromised with the possibility to interact with different safety related functionality like releasing the brakes while driving. Thus, security and safety in CPS can only be addressed holistically. Dealing with the complexity and connectivity of modern CPS can be challenging from a security and safety perspective because the architecture style can compromise security and safety, and vice-versa.

The main focus of ISSA is on the topic of making security and safety expert knowledge available to system and software engineering processes. Special emphasis will be devoted to promote discussion and interaction between researchers and practitioners focused on the particularly challenging task to efficiently integrate security and safety solutions within the restricted available design space for software systems. Furthermore, one important focus is on the potential benefits of the combination of model-driven engineering, formal methods with pattern-based representation of security and safety solutions.