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AGAPE Introduction

AGAPE is an ANR PRC project which aims at designing and implementing a General Auction Player (GAP) that can interpret and reason about the rules governing an auction-based market. To reach this scope, the project aims at developing a general Auction Description Language (ADL), a logic-based language for representing the rules of an auction market, which will then allow our GAP to reason strategically in different environments. This project will provide insights on the practical feasibility of the logic-based approach to strategic reasoning.

Project starts in 2019 and will last in 2023.

Have a look at the partners and funding pages.

Oct 20, 2020 Workshop


  • Seminar on Ontology alignment / Model checking and μ-calculus. By Armen Inants (LIG)
    • Ontology alignment: qualitative calculus, constraint-based reasoning on relations.
    • Model Checking: focus on linear time model checking complexity. 
      • Pending question: checking for an auctionneer is different from checking for a bidder
  • Discussion on Allocation mechanism and characteristics of an auction. Jerome Lang and Munyque Mittelmann
    • Auctionneer / central authority
    • Money
    • Procedures (for allocating and paying)
    • differences with matching and fair division

Recent papers


Guifei Jiang and Laurent Perrussel gave a tutorial at IJCAI 2019 and GDL-based logics. Slides are available here.


Kick-off Meeting


March 28, 2019 (Room ME-303)