Leader: Gentian Jakllari

From HD streaming on portable devices to the Internet of Things and smart cities, the global demand for wireless capacity is increasing exponentially, putting a major strain on the wireless networking infrastructure. In the framework of the fifth generation of the cellular network technology (5G), at RMESS we are working on innovative networks and architectures capable of meeting the wireless capacity demands of the next 10 years.

Benefitting from the size of RMESS, we combine stochastic modeling and analysis, optimization, simulation, prototyping, experimentation, with our expertise in diverse networking architectures – cellular, mesh, sensor, satellite networks – and cross-layer design, to deliver solutions that can provide Gbps capacities to people and things. Recent notable results include theoretical models and hardware prototypes for networks incorporating the latest advances at the physical layers, such as cognitive radios and physical-layer network coding, new routing approaches for wireless mesh networks, and new architectures for carrying large amount of data traffic by leveraging V2V communications. Our researched is published in top conferences (IEEE Infocom, ACM MSWiM, IEEE LCN, etc), journals (IEEE/ACM ToN, COMNET, IEEE TWC, etc), and is supported by a mix of ANR financing, industrial as well as regional grants.