The RMESS team regularly organizes seminars

Leader: Riadh Dhaou

Seminar list:

November 16, 2020L3SFA: Load Shifting Strategy for Spreading Factor Allocation in LoRaWAN SystemsMohamed Hamnache[Download]
Dimensionnement de la synchronisation d’un réseau TSN dans différents contextes embarquésQuentin Bailleul[Download]
November 30, 2020Résultats d’expérimentation LoRA à l’echelle de la ville de ToulouseAdrien Van Den Bossche
December 07, 2020Heart Rate Monitoring While Simply Holding a SmartphoneKevin Jiokeng[Download]
December 14, 2020NB-IoT over GEO satellite: Performance AnalysisRomain Barbau[Download]
January 11, 2021Oxygen level measurement with smartphoneFirmin Kateu[Download]
Réseau de sentinnelles environnementales : collecte opportunisteEdouard Lumet[Download]
January 18, 2021Classification de flux réseaux chiffrés par des méthodes d’apprentissage profondFabien Meslet-Millet[Download]
January 25, 2021Unveiling Covid-19 impact with a capacity-augmented Internet graph model of PeeringDB.Justin Loye[Download]
February 01, 2021Sur la formation de faisceaux moins interférents en réseau dense millimétriqueGuillaume Gaillard[Download]
February 08, 2021Execution parallèle à haut niveau d’intégrité sur des arhitectures multi-coeurs/Linux en environnement spatialThomas Beck[Download]
March 15, 2021Routing in multi-technologies wireless sensor networks for smart agricultureBrandon Foubert[Download]
April 12, 2021From Wi-Fi performance evaluation to controlled mobility for drone networksRemy Grünblatt[Download]
April 19, 2021Do switches dream of machine learning? And other in-network computing storiesNoa Zilberman[Download]
May 3, 2021Pulse-Coupled Synchronization for Cooperating AgentsLuis Almeida[Download]
May 10, 2021From Content-Centric to Entertainment-Centric Networks: Joint Optimization of Caching and Recommendation AlgorithmsThrasyvoulos Spyropoulos[Download]
May 17, 2021Performance analysis of redundancy and mobility in multi-server systemsElene Anton[Download]
May 31, 2021Message in Message for Improved LoRaWAN CapacityTakwa Attia[Download]
June 14, 2021Automation goes WirelessGianluca Cena[Download]

STORE seminar

The RMESS team is co-organizing the Toulouse STORE seminar: