MEDI 2019

9th International Conference on Model and Data Engineering
28-31 October 2019
Toulouse, France

MEDI 2019 Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • Keeping the Data Lake in Form: DS-kNN Datasets Categorization Using Proximity Mining
    Ayman Alserafi, Alberto Abello, Oscar Romero and Toon Calders
  • Concurrent Computing with Shared Replicated Memory
    Egon Boerger, Andreas Prinz and Klaus-Dieter Schewe
  • Should we be afraid of querying billions of triples in a graph-based centralized system?
    Abdallah Khelil, Amin Mesmoudi, Jorge Galicia and Mohamed Senouci
  • Lavoisier: High-Level Selection and Preparation of Data for Analysis
    Alfonso de la Vega, Diego García-Saiz, Marta Zorrilla and Pablo Sanchez
  • J2J-GR: Journal-to-Journal references by Greek researchers
    Leonidas Pispiringas, Dimitris Dervos and Georgios Evangelidis
  • Building formal semantic domain model : An Event-B based approach
    Idir Ait Sadoune and Linda Mohand-Oussaid
  • Social-based Collaborative Recommendation: Bees Swarm Optimization Based Clustering Approach
    Lamia Berkani
  • MRSLICE: Efficient RkNN Query Processing in SpatialHadoop
    Francisco Garcia-Garcia, Antonio Corral, Luis Iribarne and Michael Vassilakopoulos
  • Thinking the incorporation of LOD in semantic cubes as a strategic decision
    Selma Khouri, Abdessamed Réda Ghomari and Yasmine Aouimer
  • Extracting High-Level System Specifications from Source Code via Abstract State Machines
    Flavio Ferrarotti, Josef Pichler, Michael Moser and Georg Buchgeher
  • Discovering platform government research trends using topic modeling
    Sunyoung Shin and Chang-Kyo Suh

Application Papers

  • A Machine Learning model for Automation of Ligament Injury Detection Process
    Salmi Cheikh, Akram Lebcir, Ali Menaouer Djemmal, Lebcir Abdelhamid and Boubendir Nasserdine
  • Robust Design of a Collaborative Platform for Model-Based System Engineering: Experience from an Industrial Deployment
    Christophe Ponsard, Robert Darimont and Touzani Mounir

Vision Papers

  • Conceptual Models and Their Foundations
    Bernhard Thalheim

Short Papers

  • Digital Dices: Towards the Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems merging the Web of Things and Microservices
    Manel Mena, Javi Criado, Luis Iribarne and Antonio Corral
  • GraphQL Schema Generation for Data-Intensive Web APIs
    Carles Farré, Jovan Varga and Robert Almar
  • Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain as a Service for the Internet of Things: Proof of Concept
    Sasa Pesic, Dragan Boscovic, Mirjana Ivanovic, Miloš Radovanović, Milenko Tosic and Ognjen Ikovic
  • Metadata Discovery Using Data Sampling and Exploratory Data Analysis
    Hiba Khalid, Robert Wrembel and Esteban Zimaanyi
  • Deep Learning for French Legal Data Categorization
    Eya Hammami, Imen Akermi, Rim Faiz and Mohand Boughanem
  • Implementing Window Functions in a Column-Store with Late Materialization
    Nadezhda Mukhaleva, Valentin Grigorev and George Chernishev
  • A Smart Living Framework: Towards Analyzing Security in Smart Rooms
    Walid Miloud Dahmane, Samir Ouchani and Hafida Bouarfa

Workshops Accepted Papers

moDeling, vErification and Testing of dEpendable CriTical systems (DETECT)

Full Papers

  • Formalizing and Verifying of UML Activity Diagrams
    Messaoud Abbas, Mounir Beggas and Ammar Boucherit
  • Formal modeling and verification of Cloud elasticity with Maude and LTL
    Khaled Khebbeb, Nabil Hameurlain and Faiza Belala
  • A Temporal Approach for Testing Distributed Systems - A MapReduce Case Study
    Sara Hsaini, Salma Azzouzi and My El Hassan Charaf
  • Optimizing the performance of time-constrained Business processes in a Cloud-Fog Environment
    Fairouz Fakhfakh, Ahmed Neji, Saoussen Cheikhrouhou and Slim Kallel
  • Domain-Specific Scenarios for Refinement-based Methods
    Colin Snook, Thai Son Hoang, Dana Dghaym and Michael Butler
  • On Reconciling Schedulability Analysis and Model Checking in Robotics
    Mohammed Foughali

Data Science for Social Good in Africa (DSSGA)

Full Papers

  • Semantic graph-based Recommender System: Application in Cultural Heritage
    Sara Qassimi and El Hassan Abdelwahed
  • TPM based Schema for Reinforcing Security in IBE’s Key Manager
    Zakaria Igarramen, Ahmed Bentajer and Hedabou Mustapha.
  • MRI Brain Images Compression and Classification using Different Classes of Neural Networks
    Abdelhakim El Boustani and Essaid El Bachari
  • Overview on HEVC Inter frame Video Coding's Impact On The Energy Consumption for Next Generation WVSNs
    Achraf Ait-Beni-Ifit, Othmane Alaoui-Fdili, Patrick Corlay, François-Xavier Coudoux and Mohammed El Hassouni
  • Towards distributed learning in Internet of things. Air Quality monitoring use case
    Lazrak Noussair, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis Breis, Jihad Zahir and Hajar Mousannif

securiTy pRivacy In moDEls aNd daTa (TRIDENT)

Full Papers

  • Modelling compliance threats and security analysis of cross border health data Exchange
    Mike Surridge, Ken Meacham, Juri Papay, Stephen Phillips, Brian Pickering, Ardavan Shafiee and Toby Wilkinson
  • Towards Pro-Active Security and Privacy by Distribution, Obfuscation and Verification
    Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Flavio Ferrarotti and Senén González
  • Resolving Stakeholder Tussles in Healthcare Systems: ethical challenges to data protection
    Brian Pickering, Giuliana Faiella and Fabrizio Clemente
  • Multi-Value Classification of Ambiguous Personal Data
    Sigal Assaf, Ariel Farkash and Micha Moffie
  • Semi-real-time hash comparison for detecting intrusions using Blockchain
    Santiago de Diego, Oscar Lage, Xabier Larrucea and Iñaki Seco

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