Context : 

Non-terrestrial networks refer to a growing field of research, which explores the communication systems, protocols and infrastructures necessary for connectivity beyond our planet. With rapid advances in space exploration, satellites, drones and other emerging technologies, non-terrestrial networks have become a major issue for communications, Earth observation, scientific exploration and many more. other areas.

Objectives : 

The GDR RSD Thematic Day on Non-Terrestrial Networks aims to bring together researchers, engineers and experts in the field to share their latest discoveries, exchange innovative ideas and discuss technical challenges, protocols, architectures and applications related to non-terrestrial networks.

Preliminary Program : 

The days will include presentations by researchers, poster sessions, technical demonstrations and interactive discussions. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:
- Interplanetary communications: specific protocols and challenges.

- Satellite networks: architecture, routing and resource management.

- Drones and aerial networks: connectivity and control.

- Space networks for Earth observation: monitoring, data collection and analysis.

- Security and reliability of non-terrestrial networks.

- Emerging applications and future perspectives.

Planning : 

  • 19/10 morning (sessions of the ISIS GDR)
  • 19/10 after noon (joint session of the RSD and ISIS GDRs)
  • 20/10 morning (sessions of the RSD GDR)

Call for participation :

We invite interested researchers to submit abstracts of their work for an oral presentation, a poster session or a technical demonstration. Abstracts must be submitted by the deadline of October 02, 2023 by completing the registration form.

We hope to welcome many of you to these exciting and productive days.

Charly POULLIAT, Pascal BERTHOU and Riadh DHAOU

Organizing Committee of the GDR RSD and ISIS Thematic Day on Non-Terrestrial Communications