Invited Professor

Non Academic Visiting Position

  • October 2019 (4 weeks) : FEDACOVA, Valencia, Spain
  • June 2019 (4 weeks) : IFA, Coventry, UK
  • October 2018 (4 weeks) : FEDACOVA, Valencia, Spain
  • July 2018 (4 weeks) : FEDACOVA, Valencia, Spain

Collaborations with Universities

University of Wien – Austria : Prof Rudolf Vetschera and Dc Aysegul Engin : Fairness behavior for Collaborative Platform. Prof Vetschera is invited Professor at UT1C for one month during Autumn 2020.

University Nacional de La Plata – Argentina : Prof Alejandro Fernandez. We jointly published several articles on the evaluation of Group Decision Support Systems. We also jointly developed a Web-based Decision Support System called : Logikos

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – Recife – Brazil : Prof Adiel Teixeira de Almeida – I am member of the CDSID external committee. We jointly published several articles about Multicriteria Decision Making and supervised one PhD : Carolina Lino Martins.

University Polytechnic de Valencia – Spain : Prof Mareva Alemany : We jointly published several papers on the Combination of Mathematical Optimistion Models and Group Decision Support Systems to support Decision Making.

Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako – Mali : Dr Jacqueline Konate : We jointly published several papers on Collaborative Decision Making and Collaborative Engineering

University Wilfrid Laurier : Canada : Prof Marc Kilgour : Experimenting Voring Procedures with GRUS.

University of Waterloo – Canada : Prof Keith Hippel : Experimenting Voring Procedures with GRUS.

Euro Working on Decision Support Systems : We jointly developed a Decision Support System to analyse the collaborations among the group members based on publications. The system is called : Collab-net. This is a joint research with : Fatima Dargam – SIMTECH – Graz – Austria / Shoafeng Liu – University of Plymouth – UK / Rita Ribeiro – University Nova de Lisboa – Portugal / Isabelle Linden – Université de Namur – Belgium / Ana Paula Cabral – Univerisdade Federal de Pernambuco – Recife – Brazil

Received Researchers


PhD Students

Non Academics

  • Sergio Barona : FEDACOVA : 1 month 2020
  • Cristina Ferrando : FEDACOVA : 1 month 2018
  • Cécile Sauvage : FEDACOVA : 1 month 2017

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