Julie Mauclair

Julie Mauclair
Assistant Professor

  • IRIT - 118 route de Narbonne
  • mauclair@irit.fr
  • +33 5 61 55 60 55
  • https://www.irit.fr/~Julie.Mauclair


I received my PhD in 2006 entitled: "Confidence measures in speech processing and applications". From 2007 to 2009, I was a postdoc in Ireland (UCD) working within the CNGL project who addressed the adaptation of digital content to culture, locale and linguistic environment at high volume, speed and quality. Since 2009 I am an assistant professor, firstly in University Paris Descartes within the LIPADE laboratory, and now, as a researcher of the SAMoVA team at Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse.


My main research field is about characterizing voices from people with production disorders. For example, I work on automatic technologies to determine the intelligibility of voices and to define pronunciations disorders. I am also intesrested by confidence measures in speech processing in general.


  • Oriol Pont : PostDoc on non linear methods for the characterization of speech from patients suffering from head and neck cancer (C2SI Project)
  • Brendan Gloinec : Master Student on Linear parameters for the quality of voice from patients suffering from head and neck cancer(C2SI Project)
  • Victor David : Master Student on filled pauses of aphasic patients

Current Projects

  • INCA-C2SI : Measuring the severity index of the voice of patients suffering from HN cancers
  • Voice4PD : Vocal diagnosis of people suffering from Parkinson or from MSA



  • T. Pellegrini, L. Fontan, J. Mauclair, J. Farinas, C. Alazard-Guiu, M. Robert, P. Gatignol. Automatic Assessment of Speech Capability Loss in Disordered Speech, In ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, ACM, Special Issue on Speech and Language Processing for AT (Part 1), Vol. 6:3, May 2015
  • Kane, M. and Mauclair, J. and Berndsen, J. Automatic Identification of Phonetic Similarity based on Underspecification, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer-Verlag, Volume 6562, pp47-58, 2011.

International conference papers

  • V. Laborde, T. Pellegrini, L. Fontan, J. Mauclair, H. Sahraoui, J. Farinas, Pronunciation Assessment of Japanese Learners of French with GOP Scores and Phonetic Information, in Proc. INTERSPEECH, San Francisco, Sept. 2016
  • Pellegrini, T. and Fontan, L. and Mauclair, J. and Farinas, J. and Robert, M. The Goodness of Pronunciation algorithm applied to disordered speech, Interspeech, 2014
  • Mauclair, J. and Koenig, L. and Robert, M. and Gatignol, P. Burst-based Features for the Classification of Pathological Voices, Interspeech 2013
  • Le Coz, M. and Pinquier, J. and André-Obrecht, R. and Mauclair, J. Audio Indexing Including Frequency Tracking of Simultaneous Multiple Sources in Speech and Music (regular paper). in International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI 2013), Veszprem, IEEE, p. 23-25, juin 2013.
  • Mauclair, J. and Wendling, L. and Janiszek, D. Fuzzy integrals for the aggregation of confidence measures in speech recognition, IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Taiwan, Juillet 2011.

National conference papers

  • Mauclair, J. and Pellegrini, T. and Le Coz, M. and Robert, M. and Gatignol, P. Caractérisation acoustico-phonétique de parole provenant de patients atteints de paralysies faciales (regular paper). Dans : Journées d'Etudes sur la Parole (JEP 2014), Le Mans, Université du Maine, p. 1-10, juin 2014.


  • Algorithm (L1)
  • Python (L1)
  • Modeling and Scientific Computation (M1)
  • Representing and modeling 3D, image and sound data (M1)
  • Research methodology
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