Former responsabilities

Vice President for Research at Paul Sabatier University 2020-2023.

Deputy Director of IRIT 2011-2020.

Vice President for Cultural Affairs at Paul Sabatier University 2008-2012.

Director of GDR Informatique Graphique of CNRS (French Interest Group in Computer Graphics of the CNRS) 2006-2013, now GDR IG-RV.

President of AFIG 2005-2012.

Head of SIRV then VORTEX (Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Artificial Life, Behavioural Simulation, Augmented / Virtual Reality) team 2005-2012, now REVA.

(Co) Head of MIDI (former EADS-CCR - IRIT joint laboratoiry) 2002-2006.

Manager of the VR plate-form PREVI 2002-2006.

Head of Master Image and Multimedia 2007-2012.


Jean-Pierre JESSEL    

Short Curriculum

PhD in Computer Graphics in 1992 from Paul Sabatier University, Associate Professor in 1993

HDR (habilitation) in December 2000, Professor in 2004.


Works during the thesis and the first years in the Associate Professor position were related to modeling and global illumination (VOXAR project, a parallel architecture dedicated to ray-tracing then radiosity, i.e. a progressive radiosity extended to specular environments). Since 1996, I was involved in Virtual Reality, in particular the aspects relating to the 3D interactions and distributed virtual reality, with applications to collaborative virtual prototyping and interoperability in collaborative distributed simulations. Then I initiated works in computer animation to animate virtual environments with the objective to establish the link between works in virtual reality and those carried out by another group of the team involved in behavioral simulation.

My current works include animated and interactive virtual/augmented (distributed or mobile) environments and their applications to virtual prototyping, collaborative engineering, cultural heritage and serious games.


Virtual Environments

Computer Animation

Geometric Modelling, CGAD

Algorithms, programming

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