Research area

I am interested in formal models of interaction in a multidisciplinary perspective through the logical formalization of cognitive agents. These agents are characterized by their mental states (beliefs, desires, goals, intention, internalized norms, emotions, etc.). They can perform actions (physical or linguistic) and be a member of groups.

For research proposals, see the Supervision page.

Current interests

I am currently interested in the logical modeling of cognitive agents endowed with a theory of mind capable of planning actions in order to modify the beliefs and goals of other human or artificial agents (cognitive planning and persuasion) .

I am also interested in conceptual binary networks (spiking neural networks) and their interaction with the reasoning module of cognitive agents. I am the scientific manager of ANR the collaborative research project ALoRS (Action, Logical Reasoning and Spiking networks) which will start in April 2022 (web site forthcoming).

Implemented systems

  • TouIST

I’m involved in the development of an interface for different solvers (SAT, BQF, SMT): TouIST.


I’m involved in the development of SESAME, an interface for writing argumentative semantics based on extensions in classical logic.

  • ACT-R

During my postdoctoral year, I developed a proficiency in ACT-R cognitive architecture. (Short downloadable presentation.)

  • LoTREC

I’m involved in the design and implementation team of a generic theorems prover for modal logics named LoTREC.

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Cape Town, South Africa