International Workshop on The Cognitive Foundations of Group Attitudes and Social Interaction

Toulouse, May 31-June 1, 2012


European Network for Social Intelligence SINTELNET (WG3) and ANR project CECIL (workshop website on the SINTELNET pages)

Workshop Organizers:

Emiliano Lorini, Luis Fariņas del Cerro, Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin


The workshop is intended to bring together philosophers, social scientists (economists and psychologists), logicians and computer scientists to discuss about the cognitive foundations of group attitudes and social interaction. It will deal with questions such as: It is planned to edit a book based on the materials presented at the workshop in the Springer book series Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality.

Abstracts and slides of talks




The workshop will take place in the Auditorium Jacques Herbrand at the ground floor of IRIT.

How to get to IRIT