International Workshop on The Cognitive Foundations of Group Attitudes and Social Interaction

Toulouse, May 31-June 1, 2012


Thursday, 31 May
09:15-09h30 Introduction to the workshop
09h30-10h00 Edith Elkind "An introduction to cooperative game theory"
10h00-10h30 Jérôme Lang "An introduction to computational social choice"
10h30-11h00 Coffee break
11h00-11h45 Rosaria Conte "Retaliation, punishment and sanction. Cognitive modelling and experimental data"
11h45-12h30 Stacy Marsella "Hot Blooded Virtual Automatons"
12h30-13h00 Emiliano Lorini "A logical formalisation of attribution emotions"
13h00-14h30 Lunch (UPSIDUM)
14h30-15h00 Giuseppe Attanasi "Incomplete Information Models of Guilt Aversion in the Trust Game"
15h00-15h30 Luca Tummolini "Guilt-aversion: a servant of two masters"
15h30-16h00 Astrid Hopfensitz "Public good contributions among coffee farmers in Costa Rica: co-operativists and private dealers"
16h00-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-17h15 Raimo Tuomela "Collective intentions"
17h15-18h00 Hans Bernhard Schmid "Plural Self-Awareness: The Cognitive Foundation of Shared Intentional Attitudes"
Friday, 1 June
09h30-10h15 Andrew Ortony "From Cognition to Emotion: An Overview of OCC"
10h15-11h00 Rainer Reisenzein "Social Emotions from the Perspective of the Computational Belief-Desire Theory of Emotion"
11h00-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-12h15 Andrew I.J. Jones "On the attitude of trust"
12h15-12h45 Robert Demolombe "An analytical decomposition of trust in terms of mental attitudes"
12h45-14h15 Lunch (UPSIDUM)
14h15-15h00 Giovanni Sartor "Responsibilities and liabilities"
15h00-15h30 Nicolas Troquard "Coalitional agency and evidence-based ability"
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h45 Jean-François Bonnefon "Trusting gut feelings about trust"
16h45-17h15 Frédéric Moisan "The Effects of Social Ties on Coordination: Conceptual Foundations for an Empirical Analysis"