The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) ( also called e-Learning) field, whose main aim is to , use digital technologies for enhancing education, has been a growing area in the past decade. e-Learning is nowadays adopted in almost all training institutions, in both the public or private sector, to support and strengthen traditional teaching and learning practices, but also to propose new innovative practices that cannot be implemented without digital support.

The TEL community provides solutions for education, from the implementation of large-scale training scenarios, access to knowledge for all, to individualisation of training, or lifelong learning. These digital technologies, when designed intentionally for solving actual educational problems, become an essential support for all educational actors (learners, teachers, educational engineers, managers or decision makers) in all training scenarios (face to face, distance or hybrid).

TEL is a multidisciplinary research area that requires the collaboration of researchers from various fields, from educational and cognitive scientists, to experts in ergonomics. That is, TEL needs a combination of skills from experts in these different areas so as to face complex problems that require a link between human sciences and technology.