Workshop June 14, 2021

  • Introduction to the Auction Description (ADL) Language by Munyque Mittelmann
    • Details on papers
  • Demo of the Auction Server by Armen Inants
    • Git repository soon
  • Tutorial on encoding allocation problems int ADL
    • Picking sequences
    • Exchange without money
    • rent division
  • Discussion on Machine learning and bidding

Oct 20, 2020 Workshop


  • Seminar on Ontology alignment / Model checking and μ-calculus. By Armen Inants (LIG)
    • Ontology alignment: qualitative calculus, constraint-based reasoning on relations.
    • Model Checking: focus on linear time model checking complexity. 
      • Pending question: checking for an auctionneer is different from checking for a bidder
  • Discussion on Allocation mechanism and characteristics of an auction. Jerome Lang and Munyque Mittelmann
    • Auctionneer / central authority
    • Money
    • Procedures (for allocating and paying)
    • differences with matching and fair division