[07/2020] Congratulations to Oumaima El Mansouri who won the first prize of “My Ph.D. thesis in 180s”, awarded by France 3 Midi-Pyrénées and University of Toulouse. Her Ph.D. work is about magnetic resonance – ultrasound image fusion with application to endometriosis. Her presentation is available here:

[04/2020] Ecos Nord grant between IRIT and UIS (Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia), titles “Fusion of multitemporal synthetic aperture radar and optical images. Application to anomaly detection in citrus” has been accepted!

[12/2019] Barbara Pilastre has just received the Best Paper Award at WCCM, Dec. 2019, Maria Bay Sains, Singapore for the work: Spacecraft Health Monitoring using a Weighted Sparse Decomposition“, Barbara Pilastre, Loic Boussouf, Stephane Escrivan, Jean-Yves Tourneret.