LILAC PhD seminar

Umberto Grandi/ February 10, 2021/ Seminar

Here is the calendar of the upcoming seminars by PhD students of the research group: Friday 26 February, 14:00 Saul Fernandez Gonzalez. Indexed Frames and Social Epistemic Logics.Jorge Luis Fernandez Davila. CoPains – An integrated framework for cognitive planning Friday 12 March, 14:00 Munyque Mittelmann. Strategic Reasoning in Automated Mechanism DesignRachael Colley. Judgment Aggregation with Weighted Issues Friday 2 April, 14:00Elise Perrotin.

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IJCAI-19 Tutorial: Game Description Languages and Logics

Admin_irit/ July 15, 2019/ Seminar, UT1C

This tutorial gives an overview of Game Description Logics, a family of logics based on the General Description Language (GDL) used for representing games in General Game Playing. We introduce different variants of GDL and illustrate them through numerous examples of game representations. The attendee will learn how to represent and reason about games, and the basics of GDL for

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