Arrival of Jorge Luis FERNANDEZ DAVILA

Admin_irit/ March 18, 2019/ PhD Thesis, UPS

Jorge will be joining the team on March 25 for 3 years. He will do a thesis under the supervision of Emiliano Lorini with funding from the project ANR CoPains (

Jorge is from Peru. He holds a degree in systems engineering with a MSc in Computer Sciences. He has worked in the IT departments of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Energy and Mines and in the National Superintendency of Tax Administration of Peru.
During his PhD he will be involved as a part of the CoPains project team. This project is related to the Cognitive Planning in Persuasive Multimodal Communication. His work will be to provide an epistemic logic language for modeling agent-human interaction and to develop automated reasoning procedures for this language.

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