AGAPE kick off meeting

Admin_irit/ March 25, 2019/ UT1C, Workshop

The AGAPE kick off meeting will take place on March 28th and 29th at UT1C. See the project page for more information and the program.

This project aims at demonstrating that strategic reasoning is actually feasible and can be implemented. To do so, this project considers a lightweight approach by considering as starting point a simple and practical logical language, called Game Description Language (GDL). GDL will then be extended and adapted in order to provide reasoning facilities mixing general principles about strategic reasoning and context-specific knowledge about auction markets.

To reach this goal, we aim at developing a general “Auction Description Language” (ADL), a GDL-based language for representing the rules of an auction. This language will allow a GAP to reason “strategically” in different auction environments.

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