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JDK installation (Mandatory for any of ICS Tools)

Before downloading our tools, please download and install Eclipse Temurin 17 on your computer

For Windows x64, please click on the following link: Windows x64

For other Operating Systems (Mac, Linux), the link to the webpage containing the installers and archives for all types of platform is hereafter: Eclipse Temurin 17

Run the installer for Eclipse Temurin 17

On the “Custom installation” screen (after acceptation the licence agreement) please make sure that you choose to install the “Define JAVA_HOME variable” and “JavaSoft (Oracle) registry key” components (see following screenshot).



Step 1

Download and launch HAMSTERS-XLE installer


Hamsters-XLE Windows installer 0.00 KB 905 downloads


Hamsters-XLE Linux installer 0.00 KB 139 downloads


Hamsters-XLE MacOS installer 0.00 KB 197 downloads


Hamsters-XLE ZIP 0.00 KB 148 downloads

    Step 2

    • To create a new project, select File / New Project / Hamsters Task Modeling , this will create a project folder to store your task models.
    • On first launch a pop-up window will display “Project problems”, click on “Resolve project problems » for each problem, one after the other (HAMSTERS-XLE will download updates that are necessary for its functioning)

    Additional information

    Demonstration video: HAMSTERS-XLE video on youtube

    You may want to subscribe to mailing list to get news on Hamsters-XLE: here

    Comments and suggestions, as well as bug reports(!), are very welcome. E-mail: hamsters[at]irit[dot]fr


    Coming soon…


    Download and launch Circus installer


    Circus Windows installer 0.00 KB 40 downloads


    Circus Linux installer 0.00 KB 11 downloads


    Circus MacOs installer 0.00 KB 5 downloads


    Circus ZIP 0.00 KB 15 downloads