Online resources

We release different datasets (to be completed) and propose a non-exhaustive list of tasks.


  • Social-based datasets: Tweet collections about two crisis, respectively the Ebola virus epidemic and the hurricane Sandy. Datasets could be find here.
  • Collaborative search logs. Datasets could be find here.


  • Coagmento collaborative interface here.
  • Open-source version of Coagmento for doing user-studies on github.


Identifying potential collaborators from social-based behaviors (e.g., from Twitter dataset). This general task could be tackled in various ways:

  • Given a user X, who would be the best person to collaborate with him based on criteria P and Q?
  • Given criteria P and Q, find the most suitable pair(s) to work on topic T.
  • For topic T and criteria P and Q, find the most optimal group (size 2-5) from this dataset (sort of minimal spanning tree problem).
  • Identifying relevant criteria for identifying collaborators.

Collaborative ranking on social platforms (criteria: federated, novelty, diversity, interactive, time consideration, ...).

Identifying impacting factors on search effectiveness (failure, success, struggling).