AAPG ANR 2018  PRCE-Défi 7-Axe 3-2018

Cognitive Planning in Persuasive Multimodal Communication (CoPains)

The goal of the CoPains project is to build artificial agents that are capable of inducing human users to adopt healthy behaviors and, if necessary, by persuading them to change their habits in their interest. More precisely, our application domain is persuasive technology for healthcare and assistance in which an embodied conversational agent (ECA) interacts with a person in a multimodal way in order to support her activity and to take care of her well-being. In order to interact with the person in an efficient way, the agent will be endowed with a sophisticated model of human cognition which will make it capable of being persuasive and of planning a strategy aimed at influencing the user’s behavior. For instance, the agent will exploit its knowledge of the user’s cognitive attitudes and affective states in order to persuade her to behave in a healthy way and to refrain from behaving in a unhealthy way (e.g., by taking a prescribed medicine, doing a regular physical activity, eating healthy food, etc.).