Computational Social Choice and Preference Modelling

November 4, 2021 from 14h00 to 16h00

  • Bruno Escoffier, Olivier Spanjaard and Magdaléna Tydrichova
    Measuring Nearly Single-peakedness of an Electorate: Some New Insights
  • Arnaud Grivet Sébert, Nicolas Maudet, Patrice Perny and Paolo Viappiani
    Preference Aggregation in the Generalised Unavailable Candidate Model
  • Beatrice Napolitano, Olivier Cailloux and Paolo Viappiani
    Simultaneous Elicitation of Scoring Rule and Agent Preferences for Robust Winner Determination
  • Abu Mohammad Hammad Ali, Howard J. Hamilton, Elizabeth Rayner, Boting Yang and Sandra Zilles
    Aggregating Preferences Represented by Conditional Preference Networks